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Bureau of Energy Research adjust policies to support distributed generation
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In March 25th, 2014 China photovoltaic industry international forum, the NDRC Energy Research Institute researcher Wang Sicheng said, the national energy board is discussing the research of distributed generation support policy adjustments, including distributed photovoltaic power station is expected to enjoy the benchmark price.

Adjust the direction includes: give part of distributed quota building large-scale distributed PV power station, this part of the generating capacity is expected to access public distribution network to enjoy the benchmark price; in the reduction of transaction risk, the electric power company as the third party supervision contract energy management execution, or by the park collection of photovoltaic electricity price; in terms of financing, financing platform of Guangdong Province, the photovoltaic the pilot is the local government.

Reportedly, the national energy board will be intensive on-site meetings held in Zhejiang, at the end of the scene, mainly aiming at the existing distributed photovoltaic yield is low, the roof is hard to find, difficult financing, trade risk, network support, and the long-term stability of the record to load seven question survey and make adjustments, and strive to complete the distributed photovoltaic power generation target this year.