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Design of Functional Polymer Materials scientists find new ways
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Recently, a major development of the CAS Xinjiang Institute of scientific research personnel model function and the structure of polymer materials in the application of supramolecular multiple hydrogen bonding, find a kind of functional polymer material design method. Material of this new design method can be used to design the interface of nano materials such as adhesion, expand the range of fiber reinforced polymer material for the body. Research published in the "contemporary organic chemistry" (Current Organic Chemistry).

Supramolecular multiple hydrogen bonding due to its unique structural features, cause the attention of people. In the supramolecular polymer, monomer unit is to rely on non covalent bonds such as hydrogen bonds, aromatic stacking, donor - receptor interaction, hydrophobic interaction and metal complexation connected. These non covalent interactions can make polymer polymerization and degradation of reversible, and can be used for the development of such as self repairing, stimulus response model and intelligent materials. Study of multiple hydrogen bonds in the material surface and internal process although very challenging, but it is the foundation for related research and development of new materials.

Researchers at the Xinjiang Institute of Fine Chemical Engineering Center modification and on the polymer side chain were modified by the surface of the fiber, using supramolecular hydrogen bonding interactions, increasing the interfacial adhesion properties of fiber and polymer materials.

The study points out, the character recognition process dynamic, reversible, through reasonable design, based on the novel multiple hydrogen bonding supramolecular polymer unit such as stimulus response, shock absorption of new functional material has good application prospects.