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Our technology is the rapid development of powder metallurgy
Author:Administrator Published:2014/4/26 Views: 66146.com

From the gear and powder metallurgy most closely related to automobile, motorcycle industry, the automobile, the motorcycle market is still great potential. On the one hand, in the small and medium-sized city and rural, motorcycle still occupy the main market, and with the central development, development of China's west region further carry out the decision, the motorcycle market will be further expanded in Western China: on the other hand. At present, China's auto industry is around the emerging market of family car, carried out another round of market competition. Revitalization and the development of these industries, provided the opportunity for the development of powder metallurgy gear matched.

 From the international development trend, the powder metallurgy gear because of its low price, can reduce the part weight advantages, more and more attention in various fields of the plant, powder metallurgy gears are increasingly in the substitution of casting and forging steel and machining gear traditional. For example, in North America and Europe, from 1990 onwards, powder metallurgy parts per car and light truck, especially the powder metallurgy gear weight rapid growth.

 In recent years, powder metallurgy technology is also developing rapidly, sinter forging, warm compaction technology, injection molding, sintering hardening process technology is applied more widely. Powder forging is an important process used in powder metallurgy mechanical parts in the industry. It is a raw material powder with rigid mold or cold isostatic pressing for preforms, with or without low temperature sintering or final sintering, changing its shape with hot or cold forging at the same time, to achieve a high density of.