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The application of gold in electrical contact materials.
Author:Administrator Published:2014/3/1 Views: 澳门威尼斯人网址6606

In modern communication system, control system and computer system, although its compact structure, device miniaturization, but still should ensure the possibility of necessary inspection. The individual parts and components to take in this regard detachable structure, reasonable in technology. Put forwa. Put forward higher requirements on the reliability and service life, put forward the necessity and importance of research on new contacts. Because of the larger part of compact layout and the unit volume energy reserves, improve the effectiveness of the system in the communication system, in the development of contact materials must consider the factors associated with the surrounding environment, such as excellent conductivity, stable resistance and excellent corrosion resistance, processability, thermal stability. The alloy of gold and gold has the excellent properties, production has been widely used in electronic industry contacts. In the long-term use, even in the changing environment, but also can ensure the contact reliability excellent in current conversion of weak and small contact pressure.
Types of gold and gold alloy used in electrical contact materials are increasing. Rivet type composite electric contact material (according to GBll096 - 89) to precious metals and alloys for the complex layer, double metal composite contact copper as basic material; in low voltage electrical apparatus, used as a switch for small load instrumentation products, electrical contact relays; communication equipment for contact material [according to the Japanese JISC2509 1965]; gold and silver nickel alloy contact materials (according to the USA ASTMB477 - 92) used as a sliding electric contacts, varieties of sheet, strip, bar and wire; gold palladium alloy material (according to the America A5YMB540 - 91), including strip, bar and wire; gold alloy contact materials (according to the America AsTN posted 41 - Yang) general be made of strip, bar and wire.
Because the gold and gold alloy plating, high plasticity and good processing performance, can be pressed, electroplating, Bao Fu, electrodeposition method to produce various types of electrical contacts, for different purposes, such as gold, platinum, gold, copper, gold, silver, indium can be made with the contact, communication equipment sliding contact; use the telephone relay gold gallium made of wear-resistant, and can ensure that the signal transmission: using gold palladium production of high strength, corrosion resistance of electric contacts; gold copper palladium production of high elastic contact; gold is widely used in the tongue contacts made of ferromagnetic alloys (reed pipe); use dispersion of oxide (0.05 microns dispersed particulate thorium oxide) can significantly improve the mechanical properties of gold, such materials heat resistance, antioxidant and has strong mechanical properties, can be used for the production of high temperature relay contacts with industry, gold - Copper - zinc alloy used for special purpose wire into the shape of contact.
Recently, the city development plan of science and technology application technology major project "aerospace with high performance of high strength aluminum alloy and industrialization of key technologies" successfully passed the acceptance of experts of the science and technology committee. The project has exceeded the casting microstructure characterization and metallurgical defects standard, 7050 aluminum alloy rolling process control, 7085 aluminum alloy heat treatment on Microstructure and properties of the quantitative relationship between the number of key technologies; built 7050 aluminum alloy and 7085 aluminum alloy forging production lines, with an annual output of 10000 tons of aluminum alloy and 1000 piece of aluminum alloy forgings production capacity; the formation of the aluminum alloy complete super thick and free forging production technology, established the process specification standardization production; has made a number of independent intellectual property rights of technology, has declared 3 patents, patent 2, publishing high level papers 4, the formation of enterprise standard 3. Supported by the project, Chongqing University and Southwest Aluminum Group Co., the company successfully developed for aerospace high performance of high strength aluminum alloy, achieved major breakthrough, to fill the domestic blank, make our country become the world can produce high performance of high strength aluminum alloy state, is of great significance to promote the development of China's aerospace industry the.