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1 , Our vision is : to become China 's most influential manufacturers of polymer materials
2 , our mission is: to Chinese companies stronger, bigger ; leading Chinese enterprises to the world stage
3 , our objective is : reject the theory , focusing on practical help customers improve profits
4 , Our spirit is: simple , focused, stubborn resistance
5 , our style is : commitment, no excuses ; absolute obedience , never give up
6 , our values are:
Customer : to all customers as a fundamental value
Principles: the system first, second leading
Standard: always maintain a high state , the goal first in everything
Team: unity, Qi Li broken gold
Thanksgiving : a man with a grateful heart , with love to win respect
Responsibility: they are responsible for corporate responsibility , socially responsible
7 , our core philosophy is:
The concept of survival : Only the right path, to forever
Development concept: sacrificing the greater good
Competition concept: beyond the self, do not fight the enemy soldiers
Sales concept: selling everything for love
Service concept: customer-centric , with love to do service
Brand concept: to create brand value, value creating wealth
Wealth idea : Money is the thing apart, were first wealth growth
Philosophy: The simplest method is to trick reaches extreme
Life philosophy : people gather sufficient fiscal dumping , wide enough to get the amount of people ; enough body first rate people, self-discipline enough to convince the people
Employing the concept : the position of the first , second capability
Organizational philosophy: to create a platform , their achievements
Achievement idea : ordinary people in pursuit of goals , objectives beyond excellent people , excellent people miracles